Why Aren’t Your Sales Taking Off? Here Are Four Key Reasons

    I noticed this mainly on Facebook groups. Most of you are making the same mistakes.
    Don’t take this as a must-follow advice. Take it as food for thought and further discussion.

    1. Quantity Over Quality

    A common misconception is that sheer volume will lead to sales. It’s often believed that having 500, 2000, or even 5000 products will ensure success. However, this is a flawed strategy. The key is not the number of products but their appeal and quality. If your designs don’t resonate with customers, no amount of quantity will compensate. It’s better to focus on creating fewer products and invest time in quality, compelling designs that people genuinely want to buy.

    This does not mean you will not sell more if you have more products. This means that these products must be at least average quality. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 5,000 products if no one likes them. It’s a loss of your time.

    2. Lack of Common Sense

    Some designs on POD platforms defy logic and taste. It’s important to ask yourself: would you buy this? Would you wear it? Designs that make no sense, are in poor taste or are unattractive will not sell. For example, a skirt with a crotch photo is unlikely to appeal to any buyer. Take it away. Such taste will certainly not make the name of a tasteful store. It can be on the poster, but not on the skirt. Use common sense and create aesthetically pleasing, meaningful, and funny designs.

    3. Lack of Advertising

    The market is highly competitive, and relying solely on the visibility provided by POD platforms is not enough. To stand out, you need to actively promote your products. Use social media, participate in relevant online communities, and consider paid advertising to reach a broader audience. Building a clientele requires effort and strategic marketing beyond the default templates and mockups provided by the platform.
    Today, people spend a few seconds on a post on social media. Pictures are no longer as impressive as they were ten years ago. But my videos get 13 times more engagement and here is the proof: https://shubol3d.art/how-to-get-your-free-advertising-video/ Get your free video to check it out.

    4. Wrong advertising

    Promoting to the wrong audience is a waste of your time. there’s no point in promoting your products on the sellers’ website. They sell and can make their own design. They can buy so why would they buy yours? I focused more on this topic here: Why are you still wasting time in Facebook groups for Artists?

    5. Inconsistency

    Success on POD platforms requires regularity and dedication. Uploading sporadically or abandoning your shop after a few weeks won’t build momentum. Consistency is key—regularly upload new designs and stick to a niche where you can establish yourself as an expert or a go-to source. Consistent activity also signals to the platform’s algorithms that your shop is active, which can improve your visibility.

    The Interconnected Nature of Success

    These factors are deeply interrelated. High-quality, sensible designs attract more attention, while effective advertising increases visibility. Regular uploads keep your shop active and relevant, and focusing on a niche can build a loyal customer base. By addressing each of these areas thoughtfully, you can enhance your chances of success on Redbubble and other POD platforms.

    Remember, thriving on print-on-demand platforms is a marathon, not a sprint. By prioritizing quality, using common sense, actively marketing your work, and maintaining consistency, you can navigate the competitive landscape and find success.

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