In exceptional cases, it may happen that, despite the check, a faulty animation will pass. Either it will be technically faulty (errors in video coding) or there may be wrong images in the video. Of course, in such cases, I will fix it as quickly as possible and you will receive a new video.


There are no reasons for a refunds. Any issues can be resolved quickly.

The following are not considered errors:

1: if for some reason you need a different video format. The videos are encoded with the h.264 codec in the QuickTime container, which is the most used combination, and it should not be a problem to upload these videos anywhere and open them in any program. If you need a different format, I can do it. But let me know when you order. Otherwise, there is no reason for a refund or exchange, because your video is fine.

2: if the video did not bring you the expected sales results. I cannot be responsible for your marketing strategy. No refund here.