Welcome to my web. My name is Lubos Cernak – Shubol3D and I’m not going to write any marketing rants here. That is not what I am offering to you.

    Likes are money. More likes = more fans. More fans = more potential customers and therefore more earnings. So knowing how to attract attention is most important for you as a print-on-demand seller.

    I’m creating short videos perfect for social networks and other forms of advertising. While such videos are typically quite expensive, it makes no sense to pay $150 to over $1000 for a 10-15sec video on Freelancer.com or Upwork.com. But what about the price of 10-20€?

    How am I able to offer such affordable prices? I have accumulated 10 years of experience in 3D design and have a vast array of models at my disposal. However, the key factor lies in the efficient reuse of existing “final” scenes by replacing placeholders for your artwork and optionally making some minor modifications, such as changing the color of the walls and furniture to suit your preferred style.

    Please note that this is not an automated process, nor is it my objective. I aim to establish mutually beneficial collaborations with several artists, allowing me to consider and accommodate their specific requirements.

    I do not employ AI in the animations, which means I have complete control over the outcome and appearance. Everything can be customized and adapted to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach me at info@shubol3d.art

    Sample Video:

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